International Opportunity

Gaia Pacha Santa Cruz needs one or more volunteers who can help us in one, two, or the 3 areas of:

1. Training & Program Development (In site)

2. Grant Writing and/or Publications (Paper & Media, English or Spanish)

3. Monitor and Evaluation (In site)


1. Training & Program Development

1.1 Earthkeepers Program

Since 2014, we are replicating in Bolivia and in Spanish the Earthkeepers (TM) program. Earthkeepers was created by the Institute for Earth Education (IEE) and it is an outdoors environental education program. This type of education is pretty new in Bolivia since: a) can measure through statistical analysis the effective change in the audience who attended the program in terms of behavior change, understanding of ecological concepts, and environmental values & attitudes, and b) is designed to be a significant outdoors learning experience that does not only teache how the Earth works but also to inspire care for nature. You can see more about experience in our blog:

  • We start the preparation of the program from January to June.
  • We conduct the Earthkeepers outdoors sessions from late July to the October.
  • We conduct the follow-up back to school and home from August to October.
  • We process all the data and conduct the statistical analysis from October to December.

During all the planning, executing, and follow-up of the program we need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks. From the maintenance of an ecological trail to the transportation of materials to the natural area.

For the trainer position, we need people who can communicate in Spanish to children from 9 to 11 years old.

1.2 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) outdoors program development.

We also are developing indoors and outdoors STEM programs to complement the Earthkeepers program during the rest of the year. That is why we need creative volunteers who can help us to design the science and the magic for these new programs. We would appreciate people with backgrounds (or very motivated) in Natural Science, Environment and/or Education.

We can offer these programs either in Spanish or English.

2. Grant Writing & Publications (Paper and Media)

One of our goals is to consider not only our education programs as a sustainable component of our institution, but also some other energy-related and forest conservation projects that are in the pipeline. For that, we need to cover several costs including the project design, execution and monitoring and evaluation. Hopefully in the near future we would even be able to cover salaries to our volunteers for all the work and time invested.

That is why we need key people in charge of constantly applying for several donors to help the programs be sustainable. If you are good at writing and grant writing we will appreciate your talent. Of course you also will have the opportunity to be involved in the other projects of the foundation in Santa Cruz.

Also, Gaia Pacha has conducted several original researches and supported many undergraduate thesis researches. Sadly, some of these interesting results were not published nation-wide or world-wide. That is why we need people who really like to write in English or Spanish to publish (in paper documents or digitally) policy briefs, booklets, etc. based on these researches.

Finally, we need someone who can help us in the promotion of our programs through social media. On the one hand, knowledge and skills related to the creation of audio and visual clips would be very useful. And on the other hand, being familiar in the management of social media platforms would complement what we want to achieve significantly.

3. Monitor and Evaluation

As much in the Earhkeepers program as in the other programs we want to develop impact assessment tools. If you are familiar with qualitative and quantitative research and you know or want to learn more about how to statistically measure the impact of educational interventions and others, you are also very welcome. Preferable but not exclusive if you have some experience using SPSS or SAS.

For international volunteers:

  • In some cases, basic stipends might be provided.
  • The working schedule is flexible.

To apply to our Volunteer positions you must share Gaia Pacha’s objectives and meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 20 years old
  • Be responsible, enthusiastic, commited to Bolivia’s sustainable development, and eager to learn and share
  • Have an intermediate Spanish level or the willingness to learn it here by inmersion
  • Be able to work for a minimum period of one month
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and teamwork

If you meet all the qualifications, please write us an e-mail to including your CV in 1 page.


International volunteers welcome

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International Volunteers


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